Are You Telling Me That You Will Listen?

Here’s a picture of my lip piercing (and yeah, slightly swollen, atm, but irl you can’t really tell) (click it to see larger):


I went home AGAIN this weekend. I slept over at Auntie Meme’s place on Friday night. She watched episodes of shows she recorded while I chatted with Elizabeth, first on the phone, and then online. I recall chatting with some other people, but I just don’t know who I was talking to anymore. My memories fade really fast, sadly. I went to bed at midnight, which is kinda early. Anyway, I got two calls after I slept, one at 1:20 and the other at 1:40… but I was already asleep. I don’t remember this at all, but my aunt said she handed me my cell and I replied, “No, I’m too sleepy.” You can talk to me when I sleep if you say my name, but I won’t remember a single thing in the morning! It’s sort of scary because I might say something without meaning to… eek. AH! I just remembered something from overa year ago… sadness.

Saturday, I attended baby Alex’s 2 year birthday party. Afterward I was pretty exhausted so I took a two-hour nap. Then I met up with Alba at her house. We went to Universal Citywalk and ate dinner at Tu Tu Tango. There was live music and dancing outside, but we felt too shy to dance out there. Instead we watched Rendition. (: Ooh, and I got a new jacket from Hard Rock Cafe. It’s black with pretty pink-ish skulls on the back. Lolol, it’s so me. As the night ended I went back to her house and slept over.

Today she dropped me off at Universal Citywalk and there I met up with Rona. We watched Saw IV♥. I got a delicious pretzel afterward while Rona got a churro. We stopped by The Sock Market (or whatevz it’s called) where I was really tempted to buy lots of cute socks, but I didn’t because they were all mostly size 9-11… and that fits sizes 5.5 to 10. Uhm, well I wear size 3-5… so you can see my dilemma. =\ Entering Hot Topic was fun because all the employees were wearing costumes. (: Rona got Coffeebean afterward. Uh… after some time of walking around her mother came to pick us up and we left to the train station in Van Nuys.

I’m back in my dorm. I met Sharon’s sister, Melissa. She seems really nice. (: I had dinner today with Rona, Tibi, Daniel, Nikita (he’s Russian), and Tyler. It was the bestest most fun meal ever. Having guy friends is infinitely more fun than having girl friends. And, Rona and I now have a secret with each other. Hahah… if you read this on my xanga, shh! (;

Some things are undeniable… and I so badly want to admit something to myself, but I won’t allow it.
The end(:

5 thoughts on “Are You Telling Me That You Will Listen?

  1. omg saw was WAY intense. omg i love our little secret moment. how we both assumed it would be the same secret but omg thankfully it wasnt.

  2. Your lip piercing is cute!

    I don’t really like to receive calls when I’m sleeping. It makes me extremely angry and I too, fear that I may say something I wouldn’t normally say if I was awake.

    Sounds like you guys had fun! You’re right, having male friends seems to be a lot more fun/interesting than having female friends.

  3. omg its REAL!!i cant beleive it! why would you go and do that…i dont understand.and what wont you admit to yourself?i wonder..i know its hard to admit shit to yourself…so if you need anything let me know, to ya.and ok the piercing doesnt look bad on you.shhh…but i didnt say that.

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