Latest Goals

Here are my latest far-reaching goals that I hope to accomplish. Will I? Time will tell.

I have decided to join both NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo. This means that I have to blog ever single day and the last time I said that it didn’t really work. Urgh, it worked for most of February, but I failed in September. I honestly hope that this month will be different. I’ll have to do a lot of writing this month and considering how busy I know I am… I’m probably not wise in thinking that I can achieve both of these.

Okay, so I’m in Sandy’s room right now on my Macbook and I didn’t think to bring the memory card of my DSLR… so the pictures will likely not be uploaded until later. Add THAT to my mental to-do list. Eventually, it’ll get done. Forreal. And speaking of things that need to get done… I have math homework due tomorrow that I haven’t started.

I love Twitter. I am so addicted to Twittering. Sandy joined Twitter after I told her about it. Gang*star. I’m tracking NaNoWriMo so I’m getting so many random Twitters from people… ahahah. It’s kinda fun. Wow, this post is sooo lacking in any literary quality, but that’s mmkies ‘cus all my creative energy is going towards NaNoWriMo. Also, the problem with Twitter is that I say my whole day as the day progresses that I don’t feel like recapping it in blog form. Ah wells.

Okokok. Math hw time! Then more novel-writing.

Peace out. Yeah boiiii.

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