Loneliness Epidemic

This is rapidly spreading… and one too many people lately have come to me announcing they’re lonely. Why? Why? Why? Why is everyone so lonely? Rather than make this an emotional post about myself, I just want to make a tiny observation. In a world full of technology, is it doing more harm than good? I mean, honestly, groups of my friends can sit in a room or eating together and we’re all texting someone else. Where is the human contact? The talking? The connections? If not texting, a roomful of laptops. We suffer from loneliness because we’re all disconnected the more “connected” to technology we get. Some of my conversations are based solely on texts from my iPhone, but I don’t know how I can consider them conversations at all. I mean, I never once expressed myself vocally. Words stay shut.

Anyway, enough mumbling about loneliness.

Yesterday, Brendon, and Jared came in here so we could play Halo 3. Geez, I played for 2 hours, and for a genre of video-game that I have never played, that’s a long time. In all we all played for some three hours. Afterwards I did my math hw (ughhh). I ordered Freebirds and Sharon, Rona, Jared, and I watched Amelie, which ended at 1 am. Funnnn.

Jared was in my room today from 2:30 to 6… playing Oblivion. Lmao, fuuuck, I so wanted to be alone today, but then he was here and so I invited Rona over and it was a fun chatty evening. Now I’m just watching Hostel 2, which is ehhh lol really hilarious.

Anyway, I didn’t blog yesterday but ehhh…. well whateverz.

Off to my bed I go to enjoy the movie more comfortably.

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  1. I totally agree. And there have been studies that have shown that kids who spend a large amount of time on their cell phones, have a high depression rating than those who don’t. It’s kinda creepy!

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