Okay, fuck… I’ve been super fucking hyper for a week now. Intensely so. I can’t sleep I’m so hyper. This is called hypomania. I start telling a story, and then I don’t remember why I was telling it or what my point is. Constant rambling. I can’t even think. Just talk. Pure talk.

I’m taking pills now. For bi-polar disorder. Lamictal. Though, I don’t think it’s working yet…. I’ve never been so fucking hyper and “happy” in my liiiiiiife.

So, anyway, I went to bed at 5am yesterday… and I smoked a cigarette for the first time ever. Lmao lmao lmao… it was fucking retarded. But whatever. I can now say I’ve done it.

Moving on.

Sandy, Rona, and I made two videos today. One of them is up on facebook. The other is inappropriate considering I started … humping Sandy. Lmaooo. Anywayz.

Should I take my sleeping pill? I should. Sandy is asleep already. Pills<3


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