In The Morning And Amazing…

2:01 AM. I woke up from my really long 4-hour nap just a short while ago. I had forgotten to clean my new ear piercings for the night so I did… only to find the cover for the left earring is gone. I searched all over the floor, but didn’t find anything. Clearly, the cartilage is still healing so there was no way I could take out the earring. Also, it’d look really gay to just have an earring on my right and not on my left. But anyway! I found another earring of mine and just used the cover for that on my left cartilage piercing. Sucks… I feel imbalanced because I know they’re not the same. Grr.

I set my alarm for 1:30AM so that I could wake up and finish Japanese homework. Uh… I’m still lagging on that because I thought I’d write on here. Though it’s pointless. I’m sad … what the fuck. Why did I just write I’m sad? I went to the paragraph above to add the “grr” and as I returned to this paragraph it said, “I’m sad” but now I don’t know why I would have typed that.

I already know what I want for Christmas. Or, one of the presents anyway. Diamond earrings. (: Four of them. Lol. It sort of just struck me that that’s what I really want this year. Hm, and if I don’t purchase one soon, a really ballin’ jacket. Last year I had my niiiice faux-fur Abercrombie jacket, but that’s so last year. (I’m kidding about that, btw, but I didn’t bring it to SB) Ah, I might buy these myself, but I realllllly want cute boots.

Ah! I’m lagging on starting my hw. WTFFFF.

Good morning America!

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