To my Xanga readers, LJ readers, and blog readers: Happy Thanksgiving!

My family is going to start eating soon. I’m not hungry yet so I’m going to wait a while. Thanksgiving, this year, is at my Mom’s house. Last year it was at Auntie Elle’s condo (though she has a huge house now), and the year prior it was at my Auntie Maggie’s house (though Uncle George lives there now). The location just sort of changes every year to spread the mess that cooking makes. (:

OK, we’re currently watching a Celine Dion DVD in which she sings Christmas songs… and Rosie O’Donnell sings with her! Intense. Anyway, I don’t understand why my family is eating so early. Hm, I just had a Ferrero Rocher. Sweeeet. They’re a trademark of November and December for us.

This year our Thanksgiving is sort of split up… Meme, Maggie, Brian, and Midori are not spending the holiday with us. A family argument sort of split everyone up.

The thought just struck me… what are we going to do for Christmas?! We’ve never NOT been together for Christmas. And I somehow doubt the family issue will be resolved by Christmas. Fuck. I wonder which of the three adults (blood-related) I can ask about the situation for Christmas. George might just give me an annoyed look at not answer the question. He’ll say I don’t know in this annoyed tone. If I ask Elle she’ll get mad and say we’re just not going to spend time with them. I don’t even want to think how my Mom would react. Likely, she’d give me this super angry look and tell me now is not the time to talk about that stuff.

It’s funny how I just know how they’ll all react. If I want them all to be mildly annoyed at me I can test it out, but I think I rather not.

Okok they’re making me hungry even though I’m not hungry!

I feel NORMAL. In a POSITIVE way. Pills ftw!

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