Make Up Your Mind!

It’s so funny that the second I typed “I miss him” I realized Rob might think I was talking about someone else specifically, and that’s absolutely the only reason I wrote the second sentence (just because of him). Later I found in my inbox a comment from him. I just thought I’d throw out there that I moved on a long time ago. I’d like to apologize to him, and also to Rob, for being such a huge waste of time. Life goes on and everyone’s happier now so it doesn’t really matter.

Okayyy, so I went to the salon yesterday. Part 1 of 2 is complete. I’m still keeping my hair color a secret until I’m “done” and my hair is complete. Cassandra said I could go back on Tuesday to finish… but clearly, I don’t live here anymore so I have to wait until Saturday, which is a bummer, but one week will fly by. They have been at an alarming rate anyway.

I go back home today, sometime around 4pm or whenever Sandy comes to pick me up. I don’t want to go back to UCSB. I miss it… and my life over there, but still! home is home.  My family is here (and the drama continues without me)… so I don’t know how to feel about this. It’s sort of like two timelines running parallel to each other and they’ll never meet, but I want them to merge into one line… but it won’t.

If I wasn’t on student government (aka involved, and in a position worth noting, especially for a freshman), then I would want to transfer to UCI or UCLA. Argh!  The complications of college life. Lmao.

Anyway, I have laundry to finish and random shit to do before it’s time to leave. Peaceeee.

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