Twitter Updates for 2007-12-31

  • Woke up from a nap. #
  • Eating nachos Mary made. #
  • Awoke from my 2nd nap o’ the day, and am defending my Twittering. Fuckin’ bastard… #
  • Going to sleep. #
  • Waking up. Too cold to get out from under sheets, though. #
  • Awake again.. Lolol .. Shower time! #
  • Outside on the hella hot sun practicing on ze waveboard #
  • Reading up on the presidential candidates. Do the same!! #
  • Feeling torn between candidates for presidency. The Democrat I like best prob isn’t gonna win… #
  • Looking at countless sites… running out of tab space. I want to purchase video games desperately. Still wanting to buy a PS3. #
  • Shocked that Rilo Kiley is actually catchy… and as amazing as this sounds I want milk… but there isn’t any! Such is life. #
  • Finished joining something. Omg. More money spent. Dying to go to Best Buy and/or Circuit City (again) ‘cus I know now which games I want #
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Twitter Updates for 2007-12-30

  • With David (he’s in a scary car) and it feels different. #
  • Eating popcorn and watching Charlie Wilson’s War with David. #
  • I made it back home (alive) thx to David<3. Wondering when Meme is going to come so I can go back to her place for a few days. #
  • Going to the mall. Argh how boring! #
  • Arrived at stonewood mall. I am only here to eat a pretzel. #
  • Upset. Nothing productive and I have to stay at mom’s another night. #
  • Wsjdbrrsnjsakasskjtnb fucking mad. #
  • At bestbuy looking for something to cure my boredom with #
  • Drinking Jamba Juice (carribean passion w/ green caffeine). #
  • Ordered Rubio’s and waiting for the food. #
  • Gaping at mother, who is dancing in the car at a red light… #
  • Myspacing for a few mins before going to the movies. #
  • Heading to go watch Sweeney Todd w/ Madre and brother. #
  • Watching movie previews before Sweeney Todd begins. #
  • Chatting with @rona1, Matthew, Janiece, and Justine. #
  • Upgrading to new version of WordPress. All my conversations have now ended. ): Feeling slightly nauseous. #
  • Realizing, quite sadly, that I didn’t even feel like getting a pretzel when I went to the mall earlier, nor did I buy a video game. GRRRR. #
  • Waiting in the car for Meme to exchange a blockbuster movie (she has the online thing) #
  • Singing really loudly in the car before Meme comes back. <3 Paramore! #
  • Realizing that chris and I dont have ripsticks but Waves. #
  • Just finished practicing on the wave that my brother gave me! (he got 2 for Xmas) #
  • I am slightly sweaty… Lol. Gonna call my brother and tell him of my success!!! #
  • Went to Target. Heading back to Meme’s. #
  • Drinking a sprite after practicing on the wave some more. #
  • Watching youtube videos so I can post one as a bulletin #
  • Looking at Hailey’s nude pics on myspace. Shmexxi!!! #
  • Feeling slightly annoyed but trying my best not to take it out on anyone… Fucking bipolar. Fuckkkkkk #
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Twitter Updates for 2007-12-29

  • Just installed a PCI-E graphics card on my bro’s new PC… and I fucken disconnected two hella tiny wires… shit. #
  • Eating salmon and rice, and stressing over the wires. Looked at his old PC and those same wires are nowhere to be found on it. FUCKKKK. #
  • Watching The Simpsons. I am so hella sleepy and cold… #
  • Using Stumble Upon to help cure my boredom/sleepiness. #
  • Watching Bruce Almighty on Fox HD. Still sleepy. Still bored. Missing someone, too. Thinking I should sleep since I have to wake up early #
  • OMG! Fox News just showed Chris Crocker!!!! They were talking about Youtube Awards. Lmao. #
  • Going to sleep. #
  • Had pan dulce from Amapola w/ milk. Showered. Drinking a bottle of water. #
  • Trying to figure out the damn Access Key for Firefox on a Mac. It’s killing me… softly. #
  • Wondering why isn’t working. I have a feeling my Firefox on Mac is slowly dyyyying. #
  • Eating mandarins, the fruit. Or tangerines? How to tell the diff. idk. #
  • Laughing because we all got our FinAid and it’s tempting to spend it all. Also, wanting desperately to leave the house and do something. #
  • Learning to ride a skateboard… AND a rip-stick. The latter is harder, I find. I need to purchase a short longboard – does that make sense? #
  • Watching ripstick videos on Youtube. Sick, dude, siiick<3 #
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Twitter Updates for 2007-12-28

  • Blogging. And laughing at my Uncle’s dirty jokes. #
  • Purchasing stuff. Total: ~$250. Geeeez… but these are things I needed. *sigh* #
  • Telling Mom to sell her iTouch to Uncle for full sale price… ahahah but I don’t think she will because she got it for free. #
  • Going to shower now. #
  • Feeling slightly annoyed, but also sad… but I don’t want to explain. Thinking I should start re-writing my 101 goals in 1001 days. #
  • Chatting with @rona1 and Matthew. #
  • Wishing @stem_cooler could chat to me about what happened on his last OUTING with a certain person. #
  • Leaving Elle’s and driving back to Mom’s. #
  • Drinking coffee from McDonalds. Eh… not that great, especially since I absentmindedly put in creamer. Ugh. #
  • Just finished purchasing my lil’ brother’s new PC. #
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