DayDecember 3, 2007

New Topic

The reason I started the last entry was not what the entry turned to be about. I’ll get back to it.

Zekee just came in here and he hugged me. I think he thought I was crying… wow, awkward. I so wasn’t. Wtf. I feel extremely weak and vulnerable right now. Ugh, I would never ever cry in front of anyone. Ever. Alright the one time I did it was to my aunt, and even then I felt so … retarded. I was like… rubbing my eyes and they got watery when Zekee came in. jfalsdfsfaklahfd…

Great, now I don’t feel like writing anymore. I’m definitely not going to rewrite EVERYTHING that I wrote in the other entry. Just way too much.

But, just to keep track: Monday-Wednesday = hypomanic; Thursday – Sunday = depressed.

Alright… so the topic of choice for this lost entry:

I read blogs sometimes and I don’t understand how people can just bare their soul for random strangers to read. I view revealing emotions as a weakness and I just feel extremely embarrassed when I show a part of myself to anyone.

Text message I just received (after all those fucking twitters from David):
Rona: I am just going to go tomorrow since I made an appointment already 🙂 my dick is scary ! Lol

Hahahaha…. reference to something I talked about in the lost entry. We hate this person named Mike Dix. Lmaaooooooo. He talked for two hours straight last night. I wanted to shoot myself. I had to text message Rona to help me get him out of my room. Lmao, it was an intense night. Rona asked why he cut his hair and we got 4 years of his life story.

Wow, I’m so all over the place. Gheeeeeey.

Surprisingly I feel like watching anime. Why? Probably because it’s dead week and I need to be studying hardcore status. I mean, on the Japanese quiz today I forgot the kanji for i (in ikimasu) and I totally didn’t see the ni after ima, so I just put the translation as ima instead of kyou. Gah. Whatever.

I don’t know what mood I’m in right now. This cold weather is killing me. Slowly freeeeezing to death.

So, I’m not suicidal, but … I would prefer to be dead than alive.



So…. I just wrote the longest post evaaaar… and as I pressed Save and Continue Editing I got a 404 and my post went down the drain. Of course, against my intuitions I decided not to give the post a title so it didn’t autosave every few minutes. la;jkdfal;sjdfl;ajsf

I’m certainly not typing all of that again.  UGH. So annoyed right now.