Twitter is all-consuming

Me: Almost started laughing as the guy was tossing my salad. I started singing “shake it like a Polaroid picture” in my head.

Me: Eating cereal very Asian status.

Me: Awkward turtle! Sent those last two twitters as text messages to Sandy…

Me: Staring at Rona because she just stared at herself in the mirror at FT.

Rona: Saw Bri almost choke on her f-ing pizza.

Me: I don’t recall saying, “I just almost choked on my fucking pizza” … Why is it so fucking? Hahaha

Me: Almost spit out my hot chocolate. Intense!!!!

Rona: Wondering what’s so sexually active about Bri’s pizza. O.o

Woooow… my life on Twitter. I love it.

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