DayDecember 8, 2007

Clock Strikes Three

Sandy came over yesterday night so we could eat dinner together at FT. After dinner she started knitting and I was way into Oh no they didn’t (an lj comm) as I haven’t gone in a long time. My lovelylovelylovely best friend Elizabeth called me and I talked to her for an hour while Sandy watched Bewitched. Afterwards we watched Sleepy Hollow. I wasn’t paying all that much attention as I was coughing like crazy. At 1:30 I announced that I would be going to bed to try to get some rest, but I couldn’t sleep at all. Finally at 2:30 I got back up. Sandy mentioned she had soup and hot chocolate in her room. We uh… blasted some fuckin’ gangstah music in the car as we drove to her dorm… got the food (and Nyquil!) and came back to FT to make it. (: By the time we got back it was 3am.

(: My favorite part of being in a car with Sandy is the loud music and me dancing in the car and when we get out of the car. Dancing + music = life.

I slept in sooo late today. Okay so technically I woke up at 8am to take my pillsss, but then I passed out until 1pm. lolol.

Breakfast at 2pm was delicious. (: Before eating I felt so sickly and shit. But I took a shower and then went down to eat oatmeal and soup. ^_^

I should probbbably study for finals now. Gah.