DayDecember 10, 2007


That’s the number of this post. This is post number 200. Hm. I don’t know how I feel about that.

Anyway, wtf is up with me? I haven’t been able to code a layout in so long. Don’t get me wrong – they’re designed and all… but I have zero motivation to code them. Coding used to be my favorite part… slightly! I remember back in the day… Paula would always love designing and I’d say, “I’ll code it anyday!” Ugh. This is ghey. I’m like almost done coding two layouts… almost. I just can’t get myself to “finish” them. WTF-ness. Emo-status. Cray-cray. And all these other words I say these days.

This post is very unmemorable.


Do You Remember This? Vaguely.

d43b03: was about to mention something
me: oh?
d43b03: but I thought it wasn’t going to be a good idea.
me: say it now
d43b03: because you’re not oriented that way
me: whatwhat?
d43b03: but when you said eff you
d43b03: I was going to say
d43b03: if you promise to use lube.
me: lmfao
me: great joke
me: and, are you serious? i’m beyond sexual with everyone… >>;
d43b03: beyond sexual?
d43b03: so…
d43b03: few possibilities.
me: I mean to say I JOKE with everyone
d43b03: oh
me: not to say that I actually have sex
me: just joke.
d43b03: of course not
d43b03: you still find the idea repulsive.
me: not really…
me: i said I find RELATIONSHIPS repulsive
d43b03: yet you maintain one with me
d43b03: lol…
d43b03: end of THAT subject.
d43b03: xD
me: Oh come on.
d43b03: oh come on what?
me: You know perfectly well I mean ROMANTIC ones
me: Friendships I’m perfectly fine with
d43b03: what’s wrong with romance?’
me: it’s disgusting
d43b03: really?
d43b03: emo music is all about it
d43b03: f3.
d43b03: -_-ll}
me: i’m uncomfortable with getting close to anyone
me: 😀
me: hahaha
d43b03: and why’s that?
d43b03: I somehow remember this thing between me, sarah, you, and ryan…
d43b03: where it was somewhat a choice
d43b03: between me and ryan between you and sarah.
me: say what now?
d43b03: something about how..
d43b03: ryan and I were on a choice list for you and sarah.
d43b03: and one picked me and the other picked ryan
d43b03: however that story came out I’m not sure.
d43b03: but it’s where we are today
me: wtffffff……….. that was something Sarah dealt with. Not me.
d43b03: I see.
d43b03: don’t know
d43b03: don’t care.
d43b03: it’s in the past.
me: yeah i was just gonna say that
me: it’s in the past

Woah, awkward.