That’s the number of this post. This is post number 200. Hm. I don’t know how I feel about that.

Anyway, wtf is up with me? I haven’t been able to code a layout in so long. Don’t get me wrong – they’re designed and all… but I have zero motivation to code them. Coding used to be my favorite part… slightly! I remember back in the day… Paula would always love designing and I’d say, “I’ll code it anyday!” Ugh. This is ghey. I’m like almost done coding two layouts… almost. I just can’t get myself to “finish” them. WTF-ness. Emo-status. Cray-cray. And all these other words I say these days.

This post is very unmemorable.


One thought on “200.

  1. Hey,

    haven’t stop by at your blog for a really long time now!! How’s everything?? =]

    I also like coding, but I’m really lazy now. I haven’t made a layout/code in a long time >.<

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