A Letter (A Rough Draft)

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Dear Mother,

I am very hurt by small commentary that I hear on the phone or when we talk in person. I am now in college, and while I know you have my best interests at hearts, I just need to express that I have picked my own two double majors. I’m double-majoring in two very intense subjects: psychology and linguistics. The classes I take are what I find interesting, and should I, for any reason, regret taking two languages, it is a consequence that I will deal with when I get older. Although, I do not foresee having too many problems finding the right career for me given that I will be graduating from UCSB and with two degrees under my belt. Please let me make my own choices regarding academics and don’t worry so much about what I will or will not be able to do with them in the future. Many people end up with careers not related to their major at all, if that’s what makes them happy. I just want to be happy and I’m proud I have come this far and have decided what I think is best for me, and for my future. I don’t fully appreciate the times when we’ve discussed topics about college because I don’t understand the views you express. I feel attending college and taking courses that I love to be more than enough. Should money ever be an issue I will fully recognize that it was by my choice. Money doesn’t make happiness, but the right choices do. I’m sorry if this letter seems too straight-forward, but the day we discussed that thing about the passport and the post office the remark I heard hurt me, and I couldn’t help but feel sad afterward.

I look forward to seeing you for Christmas, and Elle’s party and all that!! I sincerely hope you enjoy the gift I have for you and I love you.


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