The LalaDees

I purchased my mother’s Christmas gift today. It was my first time purchasing jewelery (and it wasn’t even for myself!) My Auntie Elle took me to the jewelery district in downtown LA. It was so intense. I love white gold, but my mother doesn’t so it was extremely difficult to find something I thought she’d like. Intense-status. Before that, though, Elle and I ate at this italian restaurant and it was just so amazing. I had a great time with my Aunt this morning. (:

Two side-comments: I went to Mom’s house to pick up brother and she was so motherfucking rude to me. I honestly don’t know why I got her what I did. It’s a yellow gold bangle bracelet with diamonds and sapphires. And secondly, my mother got a new car. BMW 328i coupe convertible sports car… It’s fabulous.


Afterward, we went to Rubio’s, Coldstone, and Jamba Juice. I didn’t get anything, though. Recent loss of appetite. Anyway! After they were all done with their meal stuffs I took photos of them all (cousins, and twin aunts). (: Very fun!!

I came home and took a nap… super exhausted.

Emo side-commentary (a comment I left on K’s xanga):

It’s so easy to fall into a state of apathy. No one gives a shit, so why should I? No one cares, no one loves me.

I don’t know how to even begin letting anyone care about me considering I don’t even care about myself.


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  1. hi brigitte! thank you for wandering over to my site – it’s definitely cool to see somebody else interested in web stuff here at ucsb. 🙂 have a good break too!

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