DayDecember 16, 2007

Twitter Updates for 2007-12-16

  • Photo session over. Dropping off Chris at Elle’s and Georgito at his mom’s. #
  • Back at meme’s. So exhausted!! Nap time. @rona1 call me when you’re home. #
  • Myspacing. Pretending to be asleep, but I just feel so fucking awful I can’t sleep. #
  • Just finished talking to Rona on cell. Calling Elizabeth (if she’s still awake). #
  • Awakened against my will with hot chocolate and oatmeal. #
  • Laughing really hard @stem_cooler’s last twitter! And listening to Britney spears. #
  • Wearing jeans in winter… Ugh, they feel so cold. And wearing my new converse! #
  • Just arrived at the Lakewood mall. I would love to get my check from @stem_cooler #
  • Hallmark. Aunt buying cards. Wow, they have such sexual cards these days for Xmas. Loves it! #
  • Trying on dresses for elle’s party.. Ugh. #
  • Going to CPK. Not hungry. Feeling very suicidal. #
  • Listening to Paramore. I want to dance… But at the same time sleep life away. #
  • Wallowing in self-loathing. #
  • Getting pseudo emo about the fact that my iPhone might die soon. #
  • Watching that fabulous beyonce commercial on a tv at the restaurant. #
  • "Sing like it’s the last song you will ever song… Live like it’s the last day you will ever see." <3paramore! #
  • Napping in the car. #