DayDecember 17, 2007

Twitter Updates for 2007-12-17

  • Oh my gawd… Auntie Elle ( the fabulous one) got a new car. But she won’t say what… Until we see it. #
  • At maggie’s! Laptopping. #
  • Watching pointless TV. Ugh. #
  • Hatin’ on Fall Out Boy. #
  • Finally fully awake. Had waaay too Many dreams last night. #
  • Looking sadly at my monitor as the realization hits that none of my Twitters went through last night because Twitter was down. #
  • 11:14PM: Just woke up from a 4.5 hour nap… but I was asleep all day anyway (in the car) #
  • 3:08AM: Had a dream that I was playing vgame with Uncle George, fighting off an animal from window sill, and competing for cool hair color.. #
  • 5:01AM: Had a dream that I was driving around with first Brad, then Daniel, and then it turned into Nicole Ritchie…. it was fabulous! #
  • Shower time! #
  • Playing on Neopets… #
  • Reading something I now regret having read. Taking my pillz. And life goes on. #
  • Listening to Britney Spears remixes. I feel like dancing, sexxiiii. #
  • Downloading gangstah songs for Elizabeth. And getting some from her. #
  • Realizing I haven’t eaten anything in over 24 hours. Ballin’ (to me, at least) #
  • Reading outside under the nice warm sun. #
  • Writing. #
  • Posting a myspace bulletin. #
  • The Calvin Klein Euphoria fragrances commercial is so sexiiii ( watching tv) #
  • Watching E!… So fabulous! #
  • Omg *orgasms* Christian Bale<3 #
  • Charlize theron strips in that commercial?! Since when do actors take over fragrance commercials?! Models are losing jobs 🙁 #
  • I have never seen so many fragrance cms!! Watching nicole kidman’s e! True Hollywood story #
  • Eating a cracker… First time eating in over two days. #

Twitter Overload

Alright, I need to Twitter a lot… for reasons which I cannot divulge unless I want my competition to get fierce. Wait, shit, I think I just revealed why I’m twittering a lot. Oh wells.

I just realized that I’ve been blogging a hell of a lot lately. Have I even been saying anything of substance? I have my doubts, but at the moment I don’t feel like re-reading anything. Or do I? I’m totally rambling, and for this reason, I think I will make this entry private or not publish it at all unless I come up with a brilliant topic.

I just finished installing some new WordPress plugins… not like I really need them, but why not? Ugh, I have to make a new layout ASAP. This depression slash no motivation is starting to get way annoying. WAAAAY annoying. I probably need to look around for images to get inspired. Or something like that. It would be easier on my PC. Coding on this macbook thing doesn’t make me feel “at home” with coding. Though, that’s just a bullshit excuse. (:

So, I haven’t eaten in two days (unless you count a cracker I had an hour ago, just because Rona told me to) and I’m not even hungry. Maybe a little headache-y, but that’s eh. And you know when you start counting that it’s on purpose, right? Just thought I’d admit it instead of looking like a retard on my own blog. :]

I am not looking forward to Christmas. I hate myself. I hate my mother. I hate —- and —- right now. With a passion. I hate everything right now. It’d be so easy to just diiiie. Why am I so depressed? I almost can’t deal with it. Though I’ve felt worse. However, I don’t think that’s any reason to excuse the current depression.

Geez, I say I hate my mother and she just called me to say she was doing something thoughtful for me. The irony.

Anyway, I have to help Meme clean her apartment … so the cleaning lady can come clean tomorrow. Isn’t that also ironic? Lmao. Life… life is so funny sometimes. It almost makes me want to cry.

Ooh, side note to self: start tagging entries, and tag old entries (this might take a while as I will have to re-read them).

I hate you so very much.