Twitter Updates for 2007-12-17

  • Oh my gawd… Auntie Elle ( the fabulous one) got a new car. But she won’t say what… Until we see it. #
  • At maggie’s! Laptopping. #
  • Watching pointless TV. Ugh. #
  • Hatin’ on Fall Out Boy. #
  • Finally fully awake. Had waaay too Many dreams last night. #
  • Looking sadly at my monitor as the realization hits that none of my Twitters went through last night because Twitter was down. #
  • 11:14PM: Just woke up from a 4.5 hour nap… but I was asleep all day anyway (in the car) #
  • 3:08AM: Had a dream that I was playing vgame with Uncle George, fighting off an animal from window sill, and competing for cool hair color.. #
  • 5:01AM: Had a dream that I was driving around with first Brad, then Daniel, and then it turned into Nicole Ritchie…. it was fabulous! #
  • Shower time! #
  • Playing on Neopets… #
  • Reading something I now regret having read. Taking my pillz. And life goes on. #
  • Listening to Britney Spears remixes. I feel like dancing, sexxiiii. #
  • Downloading gangstah songs for Elizabeth. And getting some from her. #
  • Realizing I haven’t eaten anything in over 24 hours. Ballin’ (to me, at least) #
  • Reading outside under the nice warm sun. #
  • Writing. #
  • Posting a myspace bulletin. #
  • The Calvin Klein Euphoria fragrances commercial is so sexiiii ( watching tv) #
  • Watching E!… So fabulous! #
  • Omg *orgasms* Christian Bale<3 #
  • Charlize theron strips in that commercial?! Since when do actors take over fragrance commercials?! Models are losing jobs 🙁 #
  • I have never seen so many fragrance cms!! Watching nicole kidman’s e! True Hollywood story #
  • Eating a cracker… First time eating in over two days. #

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