Twitter Updates for 2007-12-19

  • Heading back to Meme’s. #
  • Resolved to stop saying "that’s intense" and speak proper English again. #
  • Making plans with @rona1 for tonight and tomorrow. Hope it all works out! #
  • Holding Midori and hoping she doesnt damage my iPhone #
  • Packing! And catching glimpses of DVR law & order #
  • Just ate some food. Putting on shoes to go to @rona1’s house! #
  • Listening to Blindside. Chewing gum. And heading to @rona1’s. All at the same time! Lol #
  • Arriving at rona’s #
  • I just checked my grades… another grade posted. My future looks bleak. #
  • Reading the actual article that explains what Jamie Lynn Spears feels about her pregnancy. 16-years old and a whore already. #
  • Watching Ashlee Simpson’s new music video. Very weird… she took a RISK, and even though it’s weird she is still hella fabulous! #
  • Reading Oh No They Didn’t! #
  • Eating mandarinas, que ricos. Tambien, listening to Britney Spears’ Piece of Me… loves it. Pretending to be all hispanic… lol #
  • Estoy enojada… me quiero ir a dormir. Necesito dormir. Necesito un nuevo dia, pronto. Quiero llorar. #
  • Almost done watching this way intense movie with Christian Bale in it. (American Psycho) #
  • Listening to music. Staring at monitor, not sleepy at all. Looking at Rona as she tries to sleep.awkward turtle. Idk how she can be sleepy #
  • Good morning!! Brushed my teeth and getting on the laptop. #
  • Myspacing. Going to help @stem_cooler look for a good (and cheap) laptop #
  • A little dumbstruck after having read my email. And looking, sadly, at my buddy list, hoping for the impossible (but I realize I fucked up). #
  • Walking… #
  • Going out for a solo adventure! #

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