DayDecember 20, 2007

Twitter Updates for 2007-12-20

  • Walking (again) but my adventure is over. That was fun, in like this weird. šŸ™‚ #
  • Watching Meme pump gas and heading to the mall. #
  • Arriving at the mall. Looking for parking… Ugh! #
  • Just finished eating at Johnny Rockets. Going to BordersH #
  • Started reading a book on bipolar disorder, but I couldn’t keep reading… I wanted to cry. #
  • Bought another book at Borders ahahah… Now helping Meme shop. #
  • Going to sleep. Starting my AIM fast!! No AIM for a week!! #
  • Woken up after only 4 hours sleep. WTF šŸ™ #
  • Just purchased tickets to go see Linkin Park at the Staples Center on March 4th. #
  • Listening to The Juliana Theory. #
  • Editing photographs of the ocean that I took, to print out at Costco in HUGE size. (: #
  • Ate mac n cheese with meatballs.. So delicious!! #
  • Finished editing photographs. Got @landmermaid217 to join twitter. #

Random commentary

  • People that are happy amuse me (in a bad way).
  • People that worry about things that will get resolved with just a little time annoy me.
  • I feel very immature right now.
  • My mindset is still that of a very young child sometimes. I hate it.
  • Never ever will I compete with someone over important things. Not saying I give up, exactly, but more like, I rather they win.
  • Emotions are just so funny to me (at the moment) and it’s ridiculous to me to feel… but I think that’s due to my utter lack of emotion some days.
  • I contradict myself all the time just because IĀ  think differently on different days (*coughbipolarcough*)…

That is all for now! I doubt I’ll add any more, but whatever. I just had to write these down.


Aites, I guess a lot has happened, but I don’t always like writing about what I’ve been up to because it seems such a “normal” and boring topic. And, I would use bulletin points, but that’s just being lazy.

I slept over at Rona’s on Tuesday night. I ate some weird vegetarian foods… and for that reason I’m never eating her food again! Gr-face! Uh… kidding, mostly. It was superfun and etc. [Wow, I’m so not being descriptive] I got back home late-ish on Wednesday afternoon, because Rona slept in until like almost 1… I don’t know, she even went to bed before I did! lmao. People and their sleep. I don’t understand sometimes.

My party shuffle is kinda weird… but I think that’s due largely to the fact that my newly-transferred music has little to no ratings yet. In time. I wish, I wish, I wish. (Listening to Hilary Duff, atm) I wish that I could be like the way I was before. I wish that you could make my world feel better. Oh em gee, I suddenly like this song more than before! I had just never bothered listening to the lyrics.

Recently I have decided to stop saying, “that’s intense” because my little brother made fun of me for talking differently these days. ): It’s true, though. I talk in a strange rhythm now, and I don’t like it. I trust my brother’s better judgment and I appreciate his perspective. If I can’t trust him, who can I trust, ey? I don’t know, but the Santa Barbara crowd love the phrases David and I use… and then they start using it, too. Kinda freaky. Anyway, I’m resolving to speak like a normal human being again (minus the phrases my brother and I use…) :]

There are days I wish I could just isolate myself from the world. It’s way better than hurting the people around me when I’m easily annoyed and feeling particularly angry for no reason. And what’s ironic is that the people I care about the most are the ones that make me angriest. I say I don’t expect anything of anyone, but at the same time, there’s this hope that I’ll be proven wrong.

At around 10:30 this morning I purchased tickets to go see Linkin Park at the Staples Center on March 4th. Okay, well initially I was going to buy the ticket, but then it occurred to me to call my auntie Elle so it could be my birthday present (seeing as it’s so close to my bday and all that), and she transfered money into my account so I could buy them with her money. XD; Pretty coooool, and something I actually like!

Argh, I wanted practical things for Christmas this year, and I have a feeling I’m not going to get them. *emo tears* I wanted a new watch, but Meme isn’t telling me what she got, and I don’t particularly feel like looking through the huge pile of gifts by her tree to look at the size of my gift (to speculate and all that). Anyway, I don’t see any small boxes… emo. Alright, and my Mom asked me to email her a list of things I want for Christmas and I also think she completely disregarded it. My gift is rectangular and hella heavy. Wtf man! I asked for a cover for my macbook or pretty bag for my DSLR and lenses. Uh, yeah… I don’t think it’s either of those. I dunno what George or Elle got me, but I’m pretty sure it’s definitely not something practical. I gave George a CALL and couldn’t stress enough that I wanted something practical (like oh say gift card to places I already spend lots of money at… yannoe?!). Well, we’ll see.

*many hours later*

I just finished editing some photographs to put in frames. Horizon alignment, curves, levels, whitening teeth of people, selective color, unsharpen mask, hue/saturation. Geeeez. That took a while, but it was also fun to see what the photo looked like before and after. :]

Well, well. Should I continue I’ll just ramble on and on. So, the enddd.