Twitter Updates for 2007-12-21

  • Reading Catcher in the Rye. Still really really cold. Boring day, too, and still home alone. #
  • Shower power time. #
  • Laughing at someone (secretly). I’m also staring at my monitor, bored. #
  • Just posted a myspace bulletin about stuffs. #
  • Giddy over CSS designs that I’m browsing online right now… #
  • Texting @stem_cooler and realizing how much I love typography. #
  • Listening to Verta Ja Lihaa. Youtube that shit. Hilarious song! #
  • Reading again… (sorry for all the twitters, but I am AIM-less for a week) #
  • Taking random photos of the Christmas tree and presents with my Nikon. Testing settings… #
  • Uploading photographs to Myspace right now. Lots and lots of quality will be lost, but whatevz. #
  • @stem_cooler – I pressed enter twice, sorry! Camming with Rona on Skype as my form of rehab from AIM. #
  • Uploaded pictures to Myspace (finally all uploaded). Going to sleep now. Nighttttt my lovers. #
  • Good morning all! Wow, omg… I had a Star Wars dream… WTF ! #
  • Reading email. Wow, I just read a brilliant blog entry. #
  • Watching some gay shit on TV… (Christmas movie) ugh it sucks so bad. Changing channels! #
  • Watching Law and Order #
  • Heading to go pick up Midori’s cake. #
  • Watching more Law and Order. Cooking lunch! #
  • Going to shower now. It’s Midori’s 1 year birthday! <3 #

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