Twitter Updates for 2007-12-22

  • "Painting" at … so much fun! #
  • Amazed by this: #
  • Still in robe, and freezing. Going to change now. Then maybe go downstairs early for the birthday festivities. #
  • Feeling anxious. I want to know how @stem_cooler is doing and very much wishing him good luck. #
  • Congratulating @stem_cooler. Fuckin’ ballin’. <3 #
  • Eating chips. Wishing Midori a happy bday. Drinking Coke… Fizzzzzy! #
  • Recoiling in fear from @spiderbee’s last twitter. Shivering from it, too. Still eating chips… #
  • @spiderbee’s last twitter makes me wanna "slaughter" the laughter girl… Jk. I walked it off #
  • Diego just said he thought I was 15. *sigh* #
  • Mixture of Japanese and Hispanic foods. Heaven!! #
  • Eating tiramisu cake. #
  • Can’t stop using Stumble Upon… But will force myself to sleep. Night all! #
  • Awake. Hair appointment in a bit. Found housing for next year, I think. I am exciiiited. (: #
  • Hair styling and toning and etc. are done! Next: make-up!! Then dress up time. #

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