Twitter Updates for 2007-12-23

  • Leaving Alhambra, finally. Heading to Elle’s fabulous party. Fashionably late, of course! #
  • Sitting down at the computer after a lot of mingling with guests… underage guests. I felt so… pedophiliac-like. Mingled w/ adults, too.. #
  • Taking pics on Elle’s cam… I think I looked fabulous today… Marilyn Monroe, but in a black dress? Y/Y? #
  • Listening to Bedtime Tunes, this awesomeeee site with soft sleeping music. Probably not a good idea… I feel like going outside to dance… #
  • Going to see who’s still here at ze partay. #
  • Drinking coffee! #
  • Taking off my dress… looking for PJs in aunt’s closet. Going to bed. Night @rona1. Sleep soon, mmkies?<3 #
  • Awake. Checked myspace, and email. Must remember to write back to comments & msgs. Need coffee… #
  • Going to Downey Landing. Gotta purchase something from Michael’s. #
  • Drinking Peach Pleasure from Jamba Juice #
  • Heading back to Meme’s to finish some Christmas stuffs. #
  • Looking up words on on my iPhone. #

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