I like that word. Open to the sky.

I haven’t really had any thoughts to write about, so I haven’t been blogging. It’s tempting to end the entry here considering I am thoughtless. This isn’t apathy, or depression, or hypomania. This is content, maybe.

Happy holidays.

I was excited a bit earlier to open gifts at midnight, but now I’m … okay, so maybe this is not contentedness. It’s a flatline of emotion, but I still care… It’s exhausting to show emotion sometimes.

To know you is to hate you♥
So loving you must be like suicide
Well I don’t mind if you don’t mind

Hah, Green Day

Okok I WILL make a layout. RIGHT NOW. I must get something done!! The sky’s the limit.

One thought on “Hypaethral

  1. i love the way you write. i don\’t knowww like the way you put sentences and words together is so amazing. i can\’t describe it! haha 🙂 I MISS YOU TOO BRI! Lol, and about my bangs, I think they just look different b/c my hair has been super static-y these days b/c of the weather. Hmm…I THINK that\’s the reason why. 🙂 Well, I hope you\’re having a wonderful time in college!

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