Twitter Updates for 2007-12-24

  • Heading on my way to Mom’s and try g to find out what band opened for Kelly Clarkson. Realizing I might have called DPrez at an awkward time #
  • Eating coditos, hot cheetos, and a burrito. Just hung up the phone after a very brief call with @stem_cooler #
  • Going to sleep. (At Mom’s house) Contacts are feeling so hella dry. ): #
  • Missing someone very much. ARGH… #
  • Laptopping on brother’s bed. Should I get on AIM considering @rona1 broke the bet??? #
  • Wishing everyone a merry christmas (or happy holidays to those that don’t celebrate…)!!! Tonight be the night, amigosss. #
  • Loling because my last Twitter reminded me of WE OWN THE NIGHT. NEWAIZ, I think I will shower now. #
  • Just ate a potato stuffed with meat… omg. That was so fuhreaking delicious. New experience… ! #

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