Twitter Updates for 2007-12-25

  • Waiting impatiently for midnight. #
  • Catching up on Twitters as I have them set to off right now. #
  • Wondering why David’s twitters are so vague. He gives no detail as to WHY it’s so scandalous!!! Frustrated. #
  • Laughing because @stem_cooler is offended. I think it’s a compliment if I want MORE details. Wtf man. #
  • Done working on a layout. Not looking forward to coding so I will postpone it. #
  • @stem_cooler I was frustrated because you were being non-descript. Watching eps of House on my laptop. #
  • Lovin’ Brittany Davis. #
  • Myspacing. About to watch an ep of The Simpsons. And oh shit, I’m super hungry/nauseous. #
  • Eating the bread crust to apple pie. #
  • Listening to family singing (karaoke) while I laptop. So bored… and very moody. ): #
  • Staring at my monitor wishing I was less depressed and less irritated by everything. #
  • Done opening gifts!!! (: We even started 15 mins. early… always takes us so long. MERRY CHRISTMAS, LOVES. #
  • Checking my email. And shocked by something on Twitter… Also, wondering if any peeps are still awake. #
  • Arriving at The Pike in LBC to watch National Treasure. #
  • Eating popcorn. #

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