Twitter Updates for 2007-12-26

  • Back at home. Getting on AIM… for the first time is almost 7 days. But no one is on. Emo status. #
  • Watching Best Songs of the 90s. loool. Love it! #
  • Going to take a nap. So sleepy… #
  • Drinking coke. Woke up from nap… going back to sleep, I think. #
  • Got woken up by a call from Elizabeth. She needs twitter asap status!!!! #
  • Done showering. Gonna brush my hair and then chill in ze robe! #
  • Laptopping and checking email. #
  • Pressed Enter on that last Twitter (I forgot to). Fed Penguin. Put clothes to wash. #
  • Feeling very on edge. Talking to someone and it’s making me feel nervous. GAH. #
  • Hitting myself because I hate making typos. Omg… I look like an idiot in front of someone I don’t want to look like an idiot to… #
  • Drying my clothes. Feeling very awkward sitting here and chatting with these peeps. Waiting for Elizabeth to call me -hope she takes a while #
  • Going to hope clothes is dryed. Put on jacket, and wait for Elizabeth. #

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