DayDecember 27, 2007

Taken Aback

I was looking for blog prompts to prepare for next year, and I think I just found a generator of sorts. The other writing ideas the site contains look like crap, but as I pressed the Prompt Generator I was suddenly taken aback by the question it posed.

“Why do you think nobody understands you?”

For starters, I don’t particularly like the presumptuous nature of the question, nor how boldly it asks. Or maybe I love it, but hate it for all its brilliance. (I do that a lot… love & hate things; I hate that I love, and I love what I hate) Anyway, that’s one scary question and I’m just talking about the question instead of actually answering it.

Anyway, I’m not making myself clear, but I’m not answering the question. Maybe at a later date.

Spin Around

I just randomly started singing this song in my head… so it’s now playing on iTunes. It’s from the movie Josie and the Pussycats… I fuhreaking x love that movie… XD;;

Once again, I have signed myself up for stuff that I probably cannot complete. I’ve signed up to blog every day in 2008 (except February 29th)… Yeah, right. However! It says if you can’t get to a computer then you can hand-write and then repost it later. I love how the rules aren’t that strict, making this challenge a lot more doable.

Promise me the sky

I now have lotz of money… but I’m at a point in my life where money can’t buy happiness. (Lolol I sound hella old – loves it!) But it’s true! I own everything I could possibly need slash want. I mean, sure, there are random things I could buy… but it wouldn’t make my life any better… nor would I feel more complete. Out of all the game consoles I still don’t have a PS3, but I’m not particularly dying to buy it. And I don’t like portable game consoles.

Okkk, going to Best Buy. Will continue this later.

4 Hours Later…

Anyway, there are a few things I really want/need to buy and those include:

I just purchased the top two, and my uncle George is here visiting, and he has an extra bag for a DSLR. (: Okay, that takes care of everything for now. ^_^ There are some other, more fashionable items I want to buy, but ehh… I’m not so sure I want to purchase them.

Ugh, also… my PS2 is now getting Disk Read Errors and I opened it up, but I need a jeweler’s screwdriver. My uncle says he has a set so I’ll borrow it and take it to Santa Barbara to fix it. If it so happens that I cannot fix it (emo… I hope I can) I’m thinking that I should purchase a PS3. That’s a last resort, though.

Hm, I also have to find the control box for my DDR Metal Pad. It’s lost somewhere in the garage (maybe, if I’m lucky). I don’t think they sell the control boxes for my model anymore. *sigh* I refuse to spend $200 to buy another metal pad, even though they’re thinner, prettier, and “better” now. Grr.

I think I could keep on typing forever and ever so I’ll just end it here, and save more thoughts for another entry/day.