DayDecember 28, 2007

Twitter Updates for 2007-12-28

  • Blogging. And laughing at my Uncle’s dirty jokes. #
  • Purchasing stuff. Total: ~$250. Geeeez… but these are things I needed. *sigh* #
  • Telling Mom to sell her iTouch to Uncle for full sale price… ahahah but I don’t think she will because she got it for free. #
  • Going to shower now. #
  • Feeling slightly annoyed, but also sad… but I don’t want to explain. Thinking I should start re-writing my 101 goals in 1001 days. #
  • Chatting with @rona1 and Matthew. #
  • Wishing @stem_cooler could chat to me about what happened on his last OUTING with a certain person. #
  • Leaving Elle’s and driving back to Mom’s. #
  • Drinking coffee from McDonalds. Eh… not that great, especially since I absentmindedly put in creamer. Ugh. #
  • Just finished purchasing my lil’ brother’s new PC. #