Twitter Updates for 2007-12-29

  • Just installed a PCI-E graphics card on my bro’s new PC… and I fucken disconnected two hella tiny wires… shit. #
  • Eating salmon and rice, and stressing over the wires. Looked at his old PC and those same wires are nowhere to be found on it. FUCKKKK. #
  • Watching The Simpsons. I am so hella sleepy and cold… #
  • Using Stumble Upon to help cure my boredom/sleepiness. #
  • Watching Bruce Almighty on Fox HD. Still sleepy. Still bored. Missing someone, too. Thinking I should sleep since I have to wake up early #
  • OMG! Fox News just showed Chris Crocker!!!! They were talking about Youtube Awards. Lmao. #
  • Going to sleep. #
  • Had pan dulce from Amapola w/ milk. Showered. Drinking a bottle of water. #
  • Trying to figure out the damn Access Key for Firefox on a Mac. It’s killing me… softly. #
  • Wondering why isn’t working. I have a feeling my Firefox on Mac is slowly dyyyying. #
  • Eating mandarins, the fruit. Or tangerines? How to tell the diff. idk. #
  • Laughing because we all got our FinAid and it’s tempting to spend it all. Also, wanting desperately to leave the house and do something. #
  • Learning to ride a skateboard… AND a rip-stick. The latter is harder, I find. I need to purchase a short longboard – does that make sense? #
  • Watching ripstick videos on Youtube. Sick, dude, siiick<3 #

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