Twitter Updates for 2007-12-31

  • Woke up from a nap. #
  • Eating nachos Mary made. #
  • Awoke from my 2nd nap o’ the day, and am defending my Twittering. Fuckin’ bastard… #
  • Going to sleep. #
  • Waking up. Too cold to get out from under sheets, though. #
  • Awake again.. Lolol .. Shower time! #
  • Outside on the hella hot sun practicing on ze waveboard #
  • Reading up on the presidential candidates. Do the same!! #
  • Feeling torn between candidates for presidency. The Democrat I like best prob isn’t gonna win… #
  • Looking at countless sites… running out of tab space. I want to purchase video games desperately. Still wanting to buy a PS3. #
  • Shocked that Rilo Kiley is actually catchy… and as amazing as this sounds I want milk… but there isn’t any! Such is life. #
  • Finished joining something. Omg. More money spent. Dying to go to Best Buy and/or Circuit City (again) ‘cus I know now which games I want #

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