DayJanuary 1, 2008

Twitter Updates for 2008-01-01

  • Finished watching Rush Hour 3. Getting ready to go to Best Buy. #
  • Nvm on the Best Buy. Emo status. Meme is gonna take a nap and I’ll start getting ready. Emoooo. #
  • Arrived at the restaurant. 🙂 #
  • Eating seared (almost raw) tuna… Idk how to feel about it. #
  • So fuhreaking x full. New York steak and chicken teriyaki…. Soooo full, but fulfilled #
  • Happy happy. 🙂 inexplicable happiness. Tiramisu is delicious. #
  • Taking lots of pics…. Because it’s one of my goals for my 101 in 1001. #
  • Party of 15… We all danced our way out of the restaurant passing through the dance floor in a single file line… Lmao #
  • Elle has $1000 to give… We are deciding how to split it and with what games… #
  • Just ended a three hour long simply too intense conversation. I feel drained. #
  • Going to go check on the adults as they are all still awake and chatting it up like some energetic teenagers. #
  • Feeling emo because I don’t know where Chris left his wave board and I wanted to practice… I can’t find it anywhere! Argh. #
  • Started watching a movie but I’m getting sleepy. Gonna leave it on till I doze off #
  • Awake after a two hour nap. How I love my youth. #
  • Tired from playing on the waveboard #
  • Spent $100 at Bestbuy… Haha I need to stop. #
  • Eating at Subway!! #
  • Watching Resident Evil with Auntie Elle and Mom @ Mom’s house. & Chatting with peeps online. #

Happy New Year

This is the obligatory new year post, but more than that it’s also a step towards completing some crazy goals this year. I have resumed my 101 goals in 1001 days likely because I was feeling very positive that day. I’ve been having some crazy days recently… but that’s way off topic.

Yesyes, well I will have a lot to do this year… I have to blog every single motherfuhreaking day, take a photo that summarizes my day every day, and a portrait of myself every day (not necessarily my face). Can I do all that every day for one whole year? At the moment I feel very doubtful, but energized and motivated to have a daily “chore” if you will – something interesting to do. I’m hoping with time taking photos and writing daily will become as natural as brushing my teeth and taking my pills. (:

I already took pictures of myself (with a bunch o’ family) and photos that I think explains the day. Now, I’m blogging. That’s one day down. 364 (Feb. 29 excluded) more to go!!

I most definitely will edit this post to attach two photos. There will typically be two photos per post now, unless I do a end of the week summary and shit. XD; I have a whole year to figure out how I want to work this thing out. (:

Oh yes… we had dinner last night at Sambi, a Japanese restaurant in Downey. We stayed there until slightly past midnight. When we left we danced our way out… lmao. In a single file line. Lmao. We passed through the dance floor and danced with the peeps there. It was nice. (: Afterward we all headed to Elle’s house for the prizes. The prizes were $100, $200, $300, $400, and then three envelopes with $60 in them for the kids.

We had to write three resolutions onto a slip of paper with our name at the bottom. The papers went into a glass bowl and Diego helped me pull out the papers. And I read them aloud. The first name was… mine. Lmao. Sadly, I got the $100. Emo status. I was hoping for more… but some is better than none right? After, Alba won. Then Mary. Then Carlos (he isn’t part of our family, but he def. needs money atm, so he deserves it). The other four adults that didn’t win from the resolution draw still had their resolutions read aloud and their consolation prize was $40. However, only three adults won… Brian was the last winner and he agreed to give half of his loser’s money to my Uncle George. lolol. Then the kids… there were four, and only three of them got $60, but Diego got $20 consolation prize. XD; Basically… everyone won, but in diff. amounts. I soooo wanted that $400, but I guess I’m the one that needs it the least. ^^;

Alright, will editz this later with photossss. 😀

Happy New Year bbkakez.