Twitter Updates for 2008-01-01

  • Finished watching Rush Hour 3. Getting ready to go to Best Buy. #
  • Nvm on the Best Buy. Emo status. Meme is gonna take a nap and I’ll start getting ready. Emoooo. #
  • Arrived at the restaurant. 🙂 #
  • Eating seared (almost raw) tuna… Idk how to feel about it. #
  • So fuhreaking x full. New York steak and chicken teriyaki…. Soooo full, but fulfilled #
  • Happy happy. 🙂 inexplicable happiness. Tiramisu is delicious. #
  • Taking lots of pics…. Because it’s one of my goals for my 101 in 1001. #
  • Party of 15… We all danced our way out of the restaurant passing through the dance floor in a single file line… Lmao #
  • Elle has $1000 to give… We are deciding how to split it and with what games… #
  • Just ended a three hour long simply too intense conversation. I feel drained. #
  • Going to go check on the adults as they are all still awake and chatting it up like some energetic teenagers. #
  • Feeling emo because I don’t know where Chris left his wave board and I wanted to practice… I can’t find it anywhere! Argh. #
  • Started watching a movie but I’m getting sleepy. Gonna leave it on till I doze off #
  • Awake after a two hour nap. How I love my youth. #
  • Tired from playing on the waveboard #
  • Spent $100 at Bestbuy… Haha I need to stop. #
  • Eating at Subway!! #
  • Watching Resident Evil with Auntie Elle and Mom @ Mom’s house. & Chatting with peeps online. #

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