Good Morning

Yesterday was harsh… so very harsh. I spent hours trying to configure two WordPress blogs on I had to change database names, change folder permissions, change the .htaccess, make a new .htaccess… it was rather stressful! And then finally after both blogs got to working I couldn’t upload a photo I wanted because the max file size was too small. Frustrating, really. I have no idea how to change the max upload file size on WordPress. Some suggested adding some things to the .htaccess, but as soon as I did it broke both blogs.

Anyway, here’s the photoblog I’m talking about: 365. I haven’t uploaded all the photos I want yet because of all the technical issues! I’ll get to it. (: Two images a day. They’re for Project 365 and Flickr 365 Portrait-A-Day challenges. I hope I can keep up!! I’m doing well on the blogging, too.

The only thing keeping me awake is love.

I can’t bother explaining, but I think I’m going to sleep soon. Sometimes it’s hard to know when I’m sleepy and when my contacts are just bothering me. In a way there are things to do, and it’s not that I don’t want to, but I fear reading or watching a movie will put me to sleep. I started coding the next layout of Heart-strutter a little bit ago, but I don’t want to rush it too much so I will continue it later today, at a better hour.

Just a few more site modifications and I’m going to sleep.

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