Twitter Updates for 2008-01-03

  • Trying to get some shit on WordPress to work. Ughh. #
  • Running errands with David. #
  • Hearing David’s shocking news. #
  • Took out my lip ring for the first time ever just to wash the whole thing. Cray cray & epic #
  • Watching Ned Kelly. Kinda worried about something… #
  • Oh so grossed out! They just ate a raw horse along with its blood. Makes me wanna go vegetarian! #
  • Laughing cus he got shot in his penis. #
  • Chatting with @Rona1. Just hung up with Matthew dear. Feeling emo ‘cus idk where any of my wires are and my cell is gonna die. ): #
  • Realizing that I have come to embrace my lil’ kiddie voice. @Rona1 and I are discussing how our voices sound. Lmao. <3pumpkindear. #
  • Going to PostSecret, then gonna read a few LJ Secrets. #
  • Bored, with nothing to do. Sitting on the couch thinking I need to go take my pills, but I’m too cold to move/get up. #

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