Twitter Updates for 2008-01-04

  • Going to sleep, and not cus I’m sleepy. #
  • Guh… I’m awake. I’m all sleeped out. I hate not being able to sleep for hours. #
  • Attempting to eat cereal. #
  • Been watching the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency show, but it’s almost over #
  • Watching the Tyra Banks show. she only makes cheap shit look good ‘cus she’s fab! #
  • Shocked at how big Tyra looks next to that fashion designer!! #
  • Just finding out that Britney Spears is in the hospital. #
  • Finished watching Cruel Intentions. Loved it! #
  • Arguing with mother, even at this late hour. UGH. Going to sleep. #
  • Call me when you are home. Gotta pick up some of my things! #
  • Uh… Twittered instead of texting someone,… #
  • Watching Aviator with my brother. #
  • Checking my email…. and I won something from The Wellness Center at UCSB! Sweeeet. #
  • Feeling anxious. Shower time. #

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