Twitter Updates for 2008-01-05

  • Getting food. #
  • Shocked at all the car accidents on the freeway! #
  • And when the fire’s gone, who are you? (listening to music on iPod at sport chalet) #
  • Annoyed by my lil’ brother. Ughhhh! But, found snow boots!!!! #
  • Taking stylistic photos of the rain as best I can. Happy inside… Nice thoughts atm. #
  • Laughing cus my brother and I just saw a "raping van"…. #
  • Feeling very awkward about the astronaut suits we just purchased. #
  • just got off the phone with bbkakez. Missing bbkakez! Waiting till 9 when we can talk again. #
  • Happy because I was itchy yesterday, and not today. Talking to bbkakez on cell. Drinking water. #
  • Watching the very first episode of House. OMG, it’s so funny… and everyone looks so young!! #
  • Still watching House. (: sweet-ness. Ah, and talking to @rona1. I need to pack ASAP-status. For sure…. shit. #
  • Ugh… Too tired to pack. Sleeping earlier than usual tonight. Night Twitterland. #
  • Meeting the family at Elle’s so we can head to Big Bear! #
  • Listening to Paramore, and smiling for reasons known only to myself. I feel silly for smiling … ^_^;; #

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