The New Hampshire Debate

I watched that last night in the cabin after the others had gone to sleep. Facebook was being advertised as a means of voicing opinions about the debates. So, I got on Facebook and voted in some polls and wrote some messages… and then I got personally attacked for not liking Obama. Lolol. I basically said he’s the worst speaker in the bunch (he really is…) and then some guy said:

haha awful speaker? thats why his DNC address is one of the greatest speeches in recent political history. Blind attacks that have no substance behind them other then a preference for another candidate are worthless. If you feel He is a horrible speaker then show us an example. If you feel someone else is better then tell me who and why you feel that way.
I am hoping they taught you how to form an analytical argument at UCSB?

Lmao, personal attacks<3 It’s really funny. I’m not going to reply because that was yesterday’s thing. It’s a new day. ): It’d look like I was replying too late. Hahah…

Well, we just came from a walk in the snow. One long block to a convenient store and then one long block back… Our attire was completely covered in snow and those of us with bangs suddenly had white hair. XD; It was awesome.

Now, Alba is making pancakes and eggs or somethin’… I dunno. It’s been a wonderful day today! Meme woke me up sometime after 7am to tell me it was snowing and it’d be a great time to take photos. And then I see Uncle George come into my bedroom saying he already took photos! Hah, when we were walkie talkie-ing I told him it’d be a competition since we both have the DSLRs. ^_^; He was rubbing it in that he already took a lot, but whatever. I got dressed and took some really nice photos!

Argh, they’re talking about movies on the news… more movies have come out this weekend. I can’t believe my list of movies to watch is getting bigger and bigger. >_>; Whyy?

Okay, pancakes are ready!! Gonna eat now.

Oh em gee… I might get back to UCSB really late tonight. I’m going to be so tired tomorrow. Ah, such is life.

One thought on “The New Hampshire Debate

  1. I don’t think Obama is an awful speaker. His speech after the win in Iowa made a real stir. The media is likening him Martin Luther King Jr. and John F. Kennedy, two extraordinary speakers. I think that maybe the real issue is that you aren’t fond of his question and answer style, which is more pensive than others. He does take a lot of time to think through what he will say next, which could be perceived, I suppose as a sort of bumbling.

    Either way, you walked into the proverbial Lion’s Den on Facebook, where most users are very young and are part of Obama’s key demographic.

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