DayJanuary 7, 2008

Twitter Updates for 2008-01-07

  • Passing by Monrovia. Gonna eat at a Red Lobster… Ugh…. I don’t like it that much there. #
  • Eating dinner! #
  • Heading to Elle’s to pick up Mom’s car. #
  • Going to Mom’s to pick up my stuff! #
  • Going back to Elle’s with all my luggage in Mom’s BMW. Going to take Elle’s Jeep to UCSB #
  • Leaving Elle’s now and starting the drive to UCSB! #
  • Oh shit time to wake up and I am way wishing to sleep. #
  • Going to breakfast with Rona. And finding out FT has a new name: Santa Catalina. #
  • Walking with @rona1 to our freshman seminar #
  • Going back to "Santa catalina" until 1. #
  • Leaving "Santa Catalina" after I meet Rona (and she finishes pulling a David.) #
  • Yeah if I done have my discussion today #
  • Just had Linguistics. Japanese next. Woot woot!! #
  • Loving saying woot woot in real life aloud. Heading to student health for short appt. #
  • Sad that I can’t have Sugawaru sensei for Japanese this quarter. Class time conflicts. 🙁 #
  • Just filled out the most awkward form ever…. And it just had to be bright pink. Ugh… Way embarrassing!! #
  • feeling very iffy about my appt! I am nervous slash regretting this. Wanting to diiiiie… #
  • Just got my blood taaaaken! I have three more student health appts this week.. And likely another set of pills. Hahaha #

Winter Quarter

Today was the first day back to UCSB. It was intensely busy and I barely got back to my dorm at 9pm. Mondays will always be incredibly busy for me because of Associated Students Program Board. I will be posting my schedule for the year as well as all the activities I have to do, just so I can remember how busy I always am.

I had an appointment today at Student Health. Two tomorrow, one on Thursday, and another one next Monday. Going to Student Health is almost like part of my routine these days. Not all the reasons I go are for psychological reasons, though, I swear. However, I’m pretty damn sure I’m going to have to take yet another set of pills on the daily. I’ll find out tomorrow, most likely. Oh wells.

I really really really have to get to my homework for the night. The work load has already begun. *sighs*

More later, I promise.