Twitter Updates for 2008-01-07

  • Passing by Monrovia. Gonna eat at a Red Lobster… Ugh…. I don’t like it that much there. #
  • Eating dinner! #
  • Heading to Elle’s to pick up Mom’s car. #
  • Going to Mom’s to pick up my stuff! #
  • Going back to Elle’s with all my luggage in Mom’s BMW. Going to take Elle’s Jeep to UCSB #
  • Leaving Elle’s now and starting the drive to UCSB! #
  • Oh shit time to wake up and I am way wishing to sleep. #
  • Going to breakfast with Rona. And finding out FT has a new name: Santa Catalina. #
  • Walking with @rona1 to our freshman seminar #
  • Going back to "Santa catalina" until 1. #
  • Leaving "Santa Catalina" after I meet Rona (and she finishes pulling a David.) #
  • Yeah if I done have my discussion today #
  • Just had Linguistics. Japanese next. Woot woot!! #
  • Loving saying woot woot in real life aloud. Heading to student health for short appt. #
  • Sad that I can’t have Sugawaru sensei for Japanese this quarter. Class time conflicts. 🙁 #
  • Just filled out the most awkward form ever…. And it just had to be bright pink. Ugh… Way embarrassing!! #
  • feeling very iffy about my appt! I am nervous slash regretting this. Wanting to diiiiie… #
  • Just got my blood taaaaken! I have three more student health appts this week.. And likely another set of pills. Hahaha #

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