The week just begun, really?

The days in which I’m busiest are the hardest to write about. I have to leave again in 15 minutes and I won’t be back until 10pm. I’ve been in my room today a total of 45 minutes (not counting the morning wake up & etc.). I had two classes today, two! And still… my time goes somewhere, doing something. I just don’t know.

At 5pm I have a Community Affairs Board meeting, and I’m just hoping to death it ends soon. Then at 7:30 Sandy, Rona, and I are going to go watch Across The Universe. I’ve already seen it, but it’s part of AS Program Board, and I signed up to go, so whatevz.

I had a student health appointment today. And I have two tomorrow. I gots me another set of pills today. LMAO… I now take 7 pills a day. Well, two Omega-3, and one Centrum. The other pills are daily. Then there are two other medications I can take if I’m too… uppity… or can’t sleep. My life of pill-taking is interesting

Shit, I have to leave in 10 minutes.

I haven’t taken any photos today. It’s stressing me out. In these last minutes I’m going to look for the chargers to my digi-cam and my dslr. UGH, eventually, sometime soon, when I get time, I will put the photos up on the 365 blog. *STRESSSSSED*

Okokok… I gotz 2 go!

Reminder: Prep info for 11am tomorrow. I learned something medical-related today…

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