DayJanuary 9, 2008

Twitter Updates for 2008-01-09

  • Leaving FT and walking back to campus. #
  • Majorly stressed!!! I need a pill. But I left my water on my bed… Fuck. #
  • HIV #
  • Omg…. My iPhone spelled my give as "HIV"…. Awkward turtle! #
  • What I wanted to say was "giving rona the number to the registrar of voters office." #
  • Contemplating whether or not I will feel bad switching Japanese classes. It would be like betraying my new classmates. #
  • Almost tripped. Omg… I feel like the not-so-cute version of Sandy. She’s cute when she is clumsy. #
  • Finding out Rona is a Republican. Oh hell no!!! #
  • Omg… Just saw a cute black guy. That’s a first. Got jamba juice. #
  • Sitting at The Hub for a while before Across The Universe. Ana just got here. #
  • Walking to IV Theater. #
  • Watching across the universe (again), with David, rona, and ana. #
  • Taking photos in IV theater…. Awkward #
  • Ate at silvergreen’s. Walking to San cat #
  • Multi-tasking hardcore. I’m so sleepy, though. #
  • Going to sleep. 🙁 tired…. #
  • At student health. Alfredo. #
  • Getting refills for pills. Going to go eat Ortega take-out afterward. #
  • Taking a form to the lobby of the pink building… #
  • Argh it’s closed till 1. Ucen to sell back books #
  • Enjoying my linguistics class! #
  • I made a new gay guy friend in Japanese. Omg, he’s awesome. #
  • Omg awkward!! I just saw Alfredo at Student Health. #
  • Appointment over. And oh em gee… Rushing to meet with Brett at IV Elementary. #

Daily Goals

Some of my 101 goals involve daily activities. It’s definitely getting hard to do so as I get busier and busier, but so long as I remember and make an effort to accomplish these things I should be fine.

I think I’ll just post photos onto the 365 blog and call this my blog for the day.

Well, shit.. I have so much to talk about, but I’m exhausted. Just exhausted.