DayJanuary 10, 2008

Twitter Updates for 2008-01-10

  • Im here! Now to FIND Brett… #
  • Just had dinner with Rona, Nefi, Carol, Amanda, and one of Sharon’s ex-friends. In my room, blogging, checking tons of email. #
  • Tired after moving around furniture for Friday’s shindig. Chatting with @stem_cooler #
  • Going to sleep! #
  • Having breakfast (alone!), and I just saw someone with hair like Elizabeth’s. #
  • Got into the 12 Japanese class!!! Chatted with the lovely Erica. Walking back to FT. #

Love and Loss

Taking another small break from cleaning my room.

Mother and I have been speaking on the daily on the phone. It’s so weird! I’m not used to talking to my mother in a calm manner. Strange-ness. Perhaps since I’ve been productive lately and all that I’m in a better mood and idk.

But anyway, I’m writing because I’m crashing…. slowly. ): I suddenly feel sad, hurt, and I just want to isolate myself from the world. There’s this strange feeling of betrayal, from many people. And not much has changed from the last entry to right now, except my state of mind. I could just list the people and the things… but that’s gay.

Ugh, well back to cleaning my room.

Lost Causes

I’ve been feeling this strange high lately. I don’t know if it’s hypomania, over-productivity, or just a normal-ish good feeling. I accomplish a lot in one day, but by night time when I get back to my dorm the homework awaits and I’m just so exhausted, it’s hard to concentrate. I’m already very sleepy, but I can’t sleep. I have to finish cleaning my room. I started at like 4, but I had to stop at 5:30 to leave to go to the second Program Board meeting of the week. We’ve begun planning for Extravaganza ’08! (: Oh-so-exciting!! Oh, yes, anyway (I’m rambling)… I have to study for my Japanese quiz tomorrow. At least my class is at noon, meaning I can leave like at 11:25-ish tomorrow morning. Idk, I rearranged most of the furniture in this room yet again… it looks longer now somehow. I moved stuff around for tomorrow, and I’m not sure if I’ll keep it like this, or move it back to the way it was.

Hello alone.

I’m seriously semi-happy for once! (: Taking care of yourself does wonders. More energy to do things (during the day), an elevated mood, and etc. I’m just wondering if it’s real… I mean, it could be hypomania, and that’s what I’m extremely afraid of right now.

Dreams we talked about. (My 101 goals in 1001 days are going extremely well)