They Don’t Know Your Name

Ooh, new crush. And I see him more than once a day, on most days. I have him in two classes and one section on Monday. Wednesday and Friday I have two classes with him. Tuesday and Friday, just one, but that’s definitely more than enough. Hahaha, this will pass so quickly. And it just happened today. I’ll be over it by tomorrow. I move on so fast. Hahahaha.

Japanese class is getting way hella intense. We already had a quiz today, and I have another on Monday, and again on Wednesday. We’re learning four kanji a day, a million new verbs, and new phrases and shit. It’s so hardcore. Slightly overwhelming! Linguistics, I looove. It’s so interesting thus far, but only because my professor is hilarious. He’s this British guy, and so funny. LOVE IT. My social psychology professor seems interesting and I’m lovin’ the subject material. (: Though, I think, I’ll always love clinical psychology the most.

It seems so soon, but tomorrow we (a select few in our group) have to go look for apartments for next school year. Most leases are signed by January 22nd, I think. Cray-cray, forreal status.

In a bit I have to finish organizing my room so that Sandy, Hailey, Rona, and David can come over to watch movies and sleep over. Sandy and David are coming back in like three hours or something. It’d be a good idea to take a nap.

Yeah… I might do that in 30 mins.

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