DayJanuary 13, 2008

Mixed Day

Well, I watched The Orphanage last night with Rona after eating at CPK. It was pretty ballin’, but idk… it wasn’t scary. Lol, Rona says she was scared, but eh… nothing is that scary anymore these days.

Ugh, but come today I was looking for my digi-cam and I can’t find it anywhere! It’s strange, because just last night I wanted to add on the pics for 365, but I was like nah… do it tomorrow. And now it’s nowhere to be found. There’s little to no chance that it fell somewhere last night. The only thing I can think is that I may have left it at the restaurant last night. ): I dunno. The camera is really the least of my worries; the photos on there are just veryveryvery valuable to me. Idk what to do about 365 now that I won’t have any pictures from certain days on there. =\

Anyway, I watched Atonement today. And then Evita. But idk… hard to feel happy when the piiiiics I need are missing. Such good ones, too! *sigh*