Tell Me You Love Me

It’s Monday morning again. A whole week of school has gone by, but I can’t believe just how much happened, and how busy I was. I feel exhausted just knowing what’s to come this week. Two weekend days just are not enough to restore my energy for a whole week of crazy schedules.

Mm, I’m still way sad over the whole lost digi-cam. I don’t know what photos I’m going to use now for 365. Three-ish goals ruined now. I mean, I didn’t take photos with my iPhone every day. Mostly with ze digi-cam. ): Ugh, there are just lots of photos on there that meant so much to me. =\ My motivation is slightly drained; it’s like having to start all over, except now without the digi-cam. It’s slightly awkward to use a DSLR for regular-ish daily pics. *siiiigh* Materialism only serves to increase the depression.

I need to leave in like 20ish minutes for my appointment with Katie. There is still little to no connection between us. To be honest, I think it’s for her lack of trying. Mayhaps she doesn’t like me. I’m torn between continuing to see her just to test her, or simply moving on. I already have an appointment with some other person. Fuck, I’m like constantly needing help. Lmao.

Really, just tell me you love me. =\ I need some sort of support atm asap-status. UGH. What kills me is that I was so happy most of last week. It fades and it goes… and I’m miserable for a while, then the fleeting happiness returns. On the plus side, mother and I are getting along better. But, that too, is fleeting.

I can’t even put into words what’s going through my head right now.

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