Set The Tone, Set The Vision, Set The Goals

That’s part of something Hillary Clinton said at the debate in Las Vegas tonight. I’m so interested in politics lately. I guess that it’s natural considering the primaries are happening right now, and in a few months we will get to vote for our next president. I’m really glad that I get to vote so quickly after being able to (due to age). It’s all too exciting.

Hm, tomorrow night I’m going to a UC Regents meeting at UCLA. We’re all leaving at 8:00PM from UCSB and most of the people are going to stay in a hotel that they’ve gotten, but David and I are just going to go home for the night and then go back to UCLA in the morning at 8am. Exciting!

The University of California is governed by The Regents, a 26-member board, as established under Article IX, Section 9 of the California Constitution. The board appoints the President of the University and the principal officers of The Regents: the General Counsel, the Treasurer, and the Secretary.

Jeffrey Eugenides lectured at UCSB tonight, and I attended. After his very amusing lecture (he’s a funny guy!) people asked questions. When that was all done there was a book signing, and I got a copy of Middlesex signed with my name & all. Ballin’! (:

Wellllll… I have homework to attend to now! And I feel like watching some movie or other at the moment, if I have time.

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