Exciting News

I had my appointment with Alfredo this morning. Cray-cray status. I won’t discuss; I don’t feel like it. There are more pressing matters to discuss.

I will be leaving tonight at 8pm back home (LA) with a bunch of other people from Associated Students because there is a UC Regents meeting tomorrow at UCLA. Instead of staying at the hotel with a bunch of other people (I am so not down for that), my mom will pick both me and David up near UCLA by the hotel that the other people are staying. In the morning, David’s sister will take us to UCLA for the Regents meeting. Basically, the discussion will be about the budget for California and how that affects fees for the UCs.

I’ll miss two classes, but that’s OK. I’m down. Anyway, we’ll be back around 3pm tomorrow… and the most exciting news is to come!

Hillary Clinton will be on campus tomorrow at 6:30PM in the Robinson Gym! UCSB has the nation’s highest voter turnout out of all the universities! W00t w00t!! 😀

Geeeez, I love financial and political issues. Though, not enough to change my major to Poli-Sci. ^_^; I still like mental medical shitz way better. Haha.

And I officially looooove RSS Feeds. I’m officially addicted.

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