DayJanuary 17, 2008

Sheer Exhaustion

Even after taking an hour and a half long nap, I’m still so very tired. Thirteen of us left yesterday night to LA and most of them stayed at a hotel, while three of us lived close enough to go sleep at home for one random day in the middle of the week! Mother picked up me and David since we both live in the 562. xD; I got home, chatted online a bit, and then went to bed at 1am (bad idea).

I awoke this morning at 6am to my alarm AND to David providing me with a wake up call. I was so cold, so tired, so sleepy. Yet, I stayed motivated that the day’s events would be well worth it. I got up, dressed, and groggily made my way to my front door where David and his mom would take us to UCLA.

We got there at 8:30-ish… and ughhhh I have to say UCLA needs to calm the fuck down with those hills. Hells to the no! I was dyiiiing, forserious status. By the time we got to the Conference room for the UC Regents meeting I wanted to cry from how tired I was. I suddenly very much appreciate UCSB’s campus. (:

The UC Regents meetings was the most interesting experience this year thus far. I’m so happy with the presence we UC students brought to the meeting. There were several very depressing (but reality check-status) presentations that were given to wake up the Regents about the decision that they need to make about the budget cut in the state of California for education. Previous years they have always increased student fees. In 7 years, fees have gone up over 93%, and that is simply ridiculous. Enrollment may also decrease, but the class of ’08 is the largest graduating class in the history of California! How much harder is it going to be for these kiddies to get into college? ): Something needs to be done!

The vote will come at the next meeting in March and I’m hoping to attend forreal status. I’m so very passionate about this! I really love getting involved.

I’ve done my hw for the night and I’m thinking of getting some serious sleep, even though my class isn’t until 12. ^_^;