DayJanuary 19, 2008

Staying On The Safe Side

So I’ll blog now instead of putting it off for later when there’s a chance I could not blog due to lack of time or whatever… so playing it safe, even though I have to leave in 10-ish minutes.

I feel slightly overwhelmed by my huge to-do list at the moment. There are too many thoughts, too many ideas, too many tabs open on Firefox (16, to be exact)… that I don’t know what to do first, when to do it, and etc. I spend more time looking at all the things that I have to do instead of doing them. I make so many mental notes on pieces of paper that they eventually get stored in this little box I have full of papers with random information I use/will need (one day)/keep for kicks. Eventually many of them become irrelevant, but not all!

Right now I really really need some notes I made a long ass time ago about the ul and li tags. I need them right now for some coding I was doing earlier. In no way do I want to google this bit of code as it’s already written down and has notes on it made by me… but the notes are in Santa Barbara, and of course! I’m home in L.A. Bummer. So okay, I move on to the next bit of coding, and then I realize shit! I want to code something but it’s in CSS3… which has only been implemented by Firefox and Safari. ): Do I use the code and forget everyone else? I could.

Earlier this morning I had 34 emails. I’m down to 11 now, but those mostly apply to things dealing with my PC, and they’re useless to read on the macbook, so they remain unread. It irks me when I have more than like… 3 unread emails, but I have had 20something emails a day everyday for 2 weeks. I check and reply to as many as possible… I really do!

The things I wanted to do earlier today I wrote down, but then I get distracted by other sites, more things added to my to-do list, and all that jazz… that I don’t do anything at all.

BASIC List (not elaborated on)

  • Code new layout (week-long project, but will likely take a lot longer)
  • Design/code new aspb layout…
  • Check all email!
  • Organize all bookmarks
  • Have a meeting with Christine
  • Call Toby about AAB
  • WordPress plugins and implementation
  • Study (lost cause… there ain’t no time!)
  • Update 101 in 1001 (doing well thus far)
  • Watch all unwatched movies in my possession (Netflix, purchased DVDs)
  • READ [for fun!] (this won’t happen…)
  • De-stress
  • Decide whether or not to resign from aspb
  • Organize PC files
  • Transfer/sync music from macbook to pc
  • 365Blog Groups
  • Update blogroll
  • Gather all my rss feeds (google reader, rssowl, thunderbird) and make sure all my feeds are the same
  • Stay healthy… (this requires an effort)
  • Do daily routine shit… without getting suicidal!
  • Read more blogs of a certain nature…. (lol)

Okay, for sure… I gtg now! No ay estres! Hm, I gotta call Elizabeth…